Smart building


Environmental challenges are always encouraging us to perform better when optimising buildings’ energy efficiency. Integrated into the city, the buildings become producers of energy. Our teams study all servicing and energy optimisation solutions: Solar power, wind power, storage solutions, etc.

We take every opportunity to experiment with construction methods and environmentally-friendly innovations. Energy-plus-house constructions are one solution but a building’s energy consumption is not the only factor. The user’s behaviour and the impact of energy optimisation approaches on the user are also issues to take into account. More generally, the well-being of each person is a key priority for us and we seek to promote social cohesion through our work.

We promote responsible economics, seeking to develop local economic networks and balance a project’s economic viability with ethical principles.

We try to extend the classic HQE targets to include thinking about the place of greenery in construction, and more generally the urban environment, in order to overcome the territorial conflicts that make the city a devourer of green spaces and the agricultural countryside a reclusive territory hidden from city-dwellers’ view.


Some references

Chaufferie Biomasse et gaz des Serres

Architecte : TRIA Architectes

Maitre d'ouvrage : Société Dijonnaise d'Energie Nouvelle (SODIEN)

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Construction of housing and a senior citizens’ residence in Dijon


Client : SEMAAD

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